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Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Friday was our last day of school with a super early dismissal, 1:15.  We kicked off our track out time by going to Target for a special $1 toy from the cheap-y area at the front.   As promised last Tuesday to the kids.  I guess I should fill in on what happened.  So Tuesday morning I set the kids off to school all as normal & told them after school we had to go to Target to get a few things.  I let them know (in hopes to get through the Target shopping experience easily) they could all get a $1 toy if they didn't complain about having to shop and or are we done yet.  Well.  All fine and dandy. Until I opened up Jacks bag and saw the dreadful yellow paper.  Apparently yellow is the first paper sent home... hopefully I don't have to find out what color comes next.  So this note was from the gym teacher.  Jack doesn't like to give this class a full effort, and because he didn't know how to skip or gallop & the other kids were bumping into him he flat out gave up sat down (fought back the tears I am sure) and  wouldn't even get up when the teacher asked him to he was sent home with a note that we had to sign and return.  I was sure to write on it, which by the way the left no room for, I had to write over the small area I had to sign and date.  I let the teacher know that Jack is a shy and not at all outgoing child, but that i have discussed with him that he needs to try his best and not give up & to do what his teacher tells him to do.  We had 3 days till GYM!  I did lots of pep talks.  Taught him to skip. To Gallop.  Even sent him to school for the next three days with "energy undies", "magical shirts" let me tell you this boys had magic dust sparkling out of his eyes.  Day one (Wednesday) Jack galloped off the bus.  Day Two (Thursday) we giggled and skipped all the way home. Day Three (Friday) Gym Day.  He got off the bus.  Happy.  He did it. He made it through gym.  No yellow paper.  And he didn't even have to skip or gallop. They ended up having a fun day of some sort of stations set up, hula hoop, jump rope, basketball, and pull ups.  Jack Loved It.

With that they all got to get a toy from Target. Why didn't the other two get it before, because apparently I run my house like the military, and if one mans down, the whole platoon goes with him. "OORAH."

Friday night my fabric arrived, I was so excited I had to sew something.
This peasant dress came out too cute.  I listed it in my shop. I can make it from 6-9 Months right up 6 years. 

Saturday morning I was at it again. I made  a 1 year size "Birthday Dress" soon to be listed in my shop.  Haven't gotten that far yet.  And I need to have my Princess Emma do some modeling for me in that so pretty snow flower peasant dress.

We went out and did some grocery shopping & mall browsing Saturday afternoon.  It was Hallmarks "Birthday" so the kids got balloons & I got 50% off some tarts.  My house smells like pumpkin pie. Yumm.  Our fridge and pantry are full and I have my menu planned out till next Saturday. Go Me.

Sunday we stayed home most of the day only went out to get some books from the library. I got five. Why I thought I could read five books in two weeks with the kids tracked out is beyond me. It's only day one.  They are stir crazy having to stay inside with the dark rainy looking day we are having & it has taken me over an hour to type this in between making mac & cheese.  Pausing a netflix movie.  Walking the Pug.  Explaining if you aren't coloring on paper, don't touch the crayons.  Yelling for too much laughter & finding a broken bowl in my living room.  (I am not that mean, its just laughter in the tone I was hearing it is never good.)

I also got a custom order for a little guys bow tie.  I think it came out wonderfully and I shipped it out today.  It is such a privilege to be able to have had the opportunity to make something, that just a small part of someones big day.  I love knowing that my items are put to good use & sold. Aren't just sitting on my shelf boxed & ready to ship.

Oh. And I made this bag, for myself. & Isn't my Princess Emma with her Daddy so sweet? 

Another good weekend for the L Family.  The sun is coming out here time to get my kiddies out to play.

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