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Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend RePlay

I know I am late... again.  Figured instead of going to bed I better write it now... before I forget.  Not to write it, but what I actually did this weekend.  Mommy Brain.
Umm. Yes. I already forgot.  Good thing I took a few pictures.  This should refresh my memory.

Friday after the kiddies got off the bus we loaded up in the car & went to Rack Room Shoes.  Mr. L had some big plans for Cody & himself for bright and early Saturday morning.  Too bad he forgot his alarm was too cool for him & doesn't go off on weekends unless you tell it to.  Cody was up with his super cool internal alarm clock.  (This can be a good or bad thing.  Depending on how you look at it.  TodayGood.)
So bright & early, err, after they rolled out of bed... they went for a parachute run.  It's just how it sounds for those wondering.  There is a parachute & you RUN!  Attached to your back.
I am sure Cody was so proud and happy to be out there running with his Daddy.  I bet Daddy was proud of him too! Cody LOVED it
He was trying to rub it in Jack & Emma's faces all day.  But Princess Emma didn't seem to mind.  Why? Just because she got herself some "Twinkle Toes Sketchers." 
                ...And they will make her super fast at running.

Then to console Jack from all the face rubbing.  As promised the night before we all went to the park in town.  Emma decided that this would be the perfect time for us to have a picnic & so we did.  Guess what!  I didn't bring my camera!
 Sunday was our typical lazy day.  Only going out to return & pick out new library books.  Steak & Chicken out on the grill.  Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Salad.  I personally love Sundays.  Yummy food.  Lazy Days.  New books to entertain the kids at bed time.  Baths for the kiddies.  And perhaps best of all.... Early to Bed.

Mr. L hates Sundays.  It means Monday is in the morning. 
                                                                           I love Sundays.  It means Monday is in the morning.

Jack planted this from seed on his birthday.  
Its the biggest plant in our shade garden this year.

...These are my carnations.  Wasn't till this year that I even realized you could grown them here... outside.  Actually I have just never seen them for sale.  Only as cut flowers...

Sunday was a true "Sun" Day.  We had lots of fun in the kiddie pool & the kids even helped me clean up the yard... mowing in the morning.  They didn't want to lose a toy!

This hangs in the tree in my shade garden.  I think its cute. Even if it is dirty! 
That's Emma's sweet little bird house that Aunt Steph bought her.  No birds have even flown near those boots.  They have hung there for three years untouched.

Well now that I refreshed my memory on what I did this weekend and gave you all the replay it's time for me to go to sleep.  I have lots of custom orders to do this week.  And have to find time to fit in a pattern test that I am just too excited about.  Its a vest.  I cannot wait.  Just wish I had some fabric that I loved.  Why is all the fabric so girly?

Until my next post....

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