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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Haven't bothered with a weekend replay in a bit - mainly because nothing exciting has happened.  You know besides everyone being sick.  Finally a weekend without sickness.  Though it felted "cheated" because the kiddies had school on Saturday.  Yep.  That's right - Saturday school.  Making up for the last "snow day" we had.

Saturday while the big kiddies were in school Mr. L, Emma & I went and had the car detailed (YAY! it needed it) then had the oil changed & tires rotated.  This took the bulk of the day.  Once the kiddies were out of school we went out for pizza at Mama Mias. Yum.  Then Mr. L & I watched Buried together.  This wasn't a great movie.

Sunday (which now felt like Saturday, because we were cheated!) we went to the library, I finally found the lost board book that I renewed THREE times.  Then we headed over to Raleigh and did the Costco thing.  Stocked up on some items & headed home.

I worked on some items for the upcoming CraftShow I'll be doing in Downtown Raleigh March 12th.   Getting excited about it.  I cannot believe how cute these little "Sandals" are coming out.  Don't you just love the open toe?

Short weekend. 

1 comment:

Rough Patches said...

omg I doooo love these open toed shoes!!! you are getting good bevvie!!!


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