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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lazy Days

Yesterday was so cloudy - the kids had a early dismissal due to snow predictions and freezing rain.  We never did see a flake of snow.  But we sure did get the ice.  It is nasty out there.  Today we ended up having a "Snow Day".  No work.  No school.  Kiddies are still in pjs.  We sat by the fire.  Watched movies, dvr and played a little Super Mario together.   It's so fun being lazy.

It has been drizzling ice and rain from the sky all day.  The cars are still iced over and the roads, of course!  The Pug didn't enjoy his time outside one bit.  Slipping and sliding all over.

Being that the kiddies have been at home the bulk of the last four days my sewing has been little to none.  I am starting to feel bad about it.  It's the new year and I have had like four sales.  I am so lazy. (But I kinda like it.  The holidays took a lot out of me!)

This year, actually soon - April.  I am hoping to do a craft fair.  It will be my first.  So I have to get my booty into gear and get creating.  I really hope that the craft fair goes well and possibly turns into something I do more often!  Yah.

We shall see what tomorrow brings?  Another "Snow Day" or perhaps a delay?

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