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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend RePlay

This weekend was bound to be - um. Lame-o.  Mr. L knew he had to work first thing Saturday morning.  But due to weather conditions in the south things got delayed and everything was up in the air.  Leaves us basically clueless and wondering if we should attempt to leave the house.  Once Mr. L found out that the work wouldn't be happening until SUNDAY morning we decided to venture out for the day.

We went to the OutletsDetermined to buy SHOES.  I thought to myself I will not come home without SHOES.   Mr. L has been in dire need of work shoes.  Somehow we left the plaza with not one but Six pairs of shoes!  A little crazy.  We do have five people in our family so I guess not really that crazy.  But.  Three of the six pairs were for Mr. L.  A work shoe.  A workout shoe.  A slipper.  I think he is set.  Plus he got the new Zigtech.  So he is happy.  Nope, I don't have the crazy shoe addiction that some moms have.  I didn't get a pair.  Just the kiddies.  (Though I have looked several times for a pair for myself.  The styles I find are just not me.  And the ones I think are cute and me.  Are so not comfortable.)

Sunday - Mr. L finally goes to work.  The kids and I have breakfast and brew the coffee.  Take the pug out & play a little wii.  When Mr. L returns (at a early hour! Yah!) with coffee & donuts from Krispy Kreme. 
In the words of Emma - "At least I didn't just have breakfast."

I suppose the rest of the day will have the typical library and making sure we have what we need food wise for the week in store.  Perhaps a minute to sew?  Oh.  I need to get fleece.  I am out of fleece.  How can I sew boots without, FLEECE?

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