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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Better Late ... Then Never...
 Friday after school & work we hit up Costco & Aldis to finally have some food in the house.  I am pretty sure it had been over 3 weeks since we had done any REAL grocery shopping.

Had to impulse buy... Costco was handing out samples of salsa & it was so good.  We were all hungry so that could of added to the fantastic taste... but surprisingly it was just as good at home.

Look how full the pantry is.  The kiddies are happy to have options for breakfast again.  Cheerios were getting a little "old!"

Saturday we went out for a bit to pick up some supplies & brought Cody out to spend his $5 he got from the tooth fairy!  He is such a nice brother.  He bought Emma a "Barbie", Jack some ninjas and himself some bases for baseball outside & a wheel for the wii.  All that for $5.  Dollar Tree Shopping.  The kids love it.

Sunday we went walking on the nature trail.  It was a little chilly ... but not bad out.  Mr. L & Cody were in a rush to get home to see the first race of the year.  Ugh.  It's that time again.  Which left me to my sewing machine. 

I made a teeny tiny blanket & pillow for Miss Emma to play with in her Calico Critters House & worked on some bunnies for the craft fair & a custom order.
 We had a pretty good weekend.  Counting down the days till the Birthday Party! (Next weekend!)  And the Designers Downtown Craft Show.  EekLots to do.

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