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Monday, February 7, 2011


Does this mean I have issues.  Perhaps OCD?  When a dishwasher has been completely loaded for me and yet it's not done my way so I completely re-do it?  

I would love to say I re did it because I figured they wouldn't get clean.  Because well they probably wouldn't.  Sadly, No.  That was not it.  I just couldn't stand how it looked.  

You decide.  Do I have issues.  Or is this normal?


bluepie said... son has OCD and it drives me nuts but he actually likes it- says it keeps him on top of things and organized..
so..ok..i think u may have a bit of it...or you are just a which case- learn to let go a bit...we can't control everything!

Charity said...

It wasn't done right... you did the right thing. I would have re-done it too. :-)I won't let anyone help me so things get done the correct way. My sister lets her kids help and then comes back behind them and re-does it. To each there own I guess...

Beverly said...

Too funny gals. Though it wasn't my kiddies who did this - but my 62 year old grandmother. I guess she does NOT have OCD! ;)

Leila said...

lol, it's normal to me, because i do the same thing... :)

Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson said...

I do the same thing too!


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