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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's A Mario Party!

Cody is turning SEVEN!   

            My Leap Year "Baby!"    

So of course, he wanted a Mario Themed Party!  After much searching online, and being the "crafty" person that I am, here is what I came up with.  I could vision it in my head... and I think it came out... Almost as good. hehe.

Marshmallows coated in red candy coating & sprinkles on top for "mushrooms"  coming out of the PVC piping - Just like in Mario!
A giant "1 Up" Mushroom made completely of fondant!  {Eww!} But cute!    

 While Mr. L & Lil' Jack were out buying Cody's super surprise! {A NEW Bike!}
                          Cody, Emma & I made LemonAde.
Friday Miss Emma & I made these banners for the Birthday Boy!  He was so excited when he got home from school & saw them!  {As was Jack! I love how they came out!
Saturday I made the cake... check out the crumb coat.
 My First Fondant attempt.  Think it came out pretty stinkin' cute.
 We had red hots for "Fire Power" & ice blue beaded necklace for "Ice Power."
                                                                                         I also made this "Pin The "M" on Mario" game for the kids to play, with little sticky "M's" to try to stick in the right place.  They all had fun with it... but no one got it right on!
 After playing Pin the "M" on the Mario Hat we went outside for Cody to lead the kids in a game of "Mario Says!"  Our version of Simon Says.
 Tasty "Mini Snacks" for the kiddies & grown ups too!
 Happy 7th Birthday Cody!
 The girls eating cake!
 Present Time.  Everyone wants to help open!
Running outside to see the big surprise... The Bike!
Cody loves his new shirt from Zander!  
His second FAVORITE present! {To the Bike!}
All in All it was a pretty awesome Birthday Party! Mr. L even enjoyed it. {Yay!} The kids all had fun and as Mr. L said "you know the party was a success when the parents are ready to go & the kids all want to stay just five minutes more. Pleeease!"  

Oye.  Next Saturday is Emma's Birthday.
Lucky for me she just want a haircut! {And a Princess Cake...}   


ErikaG said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Cake came out great! Happy Birthday to Emma and Cody!

The Wohlleb Family said...

Everything looks great and Cody looks so HAPPY! Great job Mom! Tuckers is the 12th and Nats is the 17th so there has been lots of bday talk at our house too. It's so much fun!

Aunt Steph said...

It makes me cry tears of joy to see Cody so happy,,, & so grown up! lol I am so glad he had an awesome party :D

Nanna & Pa-Paw Art said...

Happy 7th Birthday to Cody! The party looks like it was alot of fun! {And work!--Are you re-cuperating today?!} You did a great job on everything! And I can see why Cody would love his new shirt!--What a great gift!
We wish we were closer.... Cody and I could ride together--my bike's red, too!
Give Cody a big hug from us! {And Jack, and Emma, too!}


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