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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am NOT Fat

I am becoming one of those.  You know those.  The ones that say "I am going to start excercise-ing next week."  "On Monday.  No one starts on a Thursday."  "As soon as the kids get back to school, I have no time right now."  

But the thing is every time I remember.  Or have the urge.  It is right before bed {I hear it is not ideal to exercise before bed} or after a HUGE glass of wine. {You don't want me to get hurt do you?}

Yep.  I am working on a glass right now.  A glass a day is healthy right?  Yea.  Maybe if your glass didn't hold half a bottle.  Oh well.  I am NOT Fat. 

Seriously though. I am going to get in shape.  The back of my leg is starting to make me gag.  Watch out Mr. L I am going to get my abs back.  Woot. 


greenTXmom said...

I so feel ya!!! Especially after a vacation that I had to wear a (GASP!) bathing suit! Board shorts came in very handy indeed. I am one of those people who can't stand to exercise but I don't want to look like this anymore....ugh

j. w. said...

I'm in the same boat. ;-) I told my hubby that all my clothes are my, "make me look fat clothes," because I'm fat. I need to tell myself, nope, I'm NOT fat. I will get in shape.

Anonymous said...

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