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Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend RePlay {Birthday Edition}

 We woke up Saturday morning.  Well - I got up early.  Finished up orders that needed to be shipped & cleaned the entire house.  I was fearing it was starting to look a little a lot like Grandmas house.  {My Grandma should be on Hoarders.}  Once the house & orders were wrapped up Mr. L came down to check out the fantastic cards the kiddies made for Mr. L.  After that we headed over to the North Hills for the Farmers Market.  The lovely Diane from Twisted Sisters Barkery gave us some tasty treats for the pug.  I think he {LOVES} them.  Yes.  He does.  Sweet Potato.  Pug Yummies.
 The kiddies outside of 
Sparians the Bowling Boutique.
 The Winners.  Jack & Emma.

 Back at home we had a giant cookie cake.  Mr. L has been wanting one of these for years.  AndYes there is an and.  Brownies. Oh. Yeah.  With Ice Cream.  Super Yumm.
On Sunday I made this belt.  Asked Lil' Jackie Beans to model it for me & then he claimed it.  The price I pay for this super cute model.  He loves it.  Tucks in his shirt just to show it off too.  How fun.  {Psst.}  Want one for your lil' guy or gal too?  You know I can make them for you.  Custom size.  Custom colors.  
Stop over and check out the shop.   
Of course on Sunday we also did our typical library trip.  New books.  Free coupons for Mini Golf, Curly Fries & Milk Shakes. Yumm.

Pretty good Birthday Weekend.  I love my Mr. L.

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Shelley (EvenAndy) said...

It seems like an awesome birthday weekend! I would like a slice of the cookie cake, a brownie, some ice cream and a milk shake please:)


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