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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upstate New York Summer 2011

 First trip North in the Summer that I can remember since we lived there.  And my gosh.  How we do take for granted the little things, such as A/C, Ceiling Fans, Health Foods & Conveniences of Paved & Lit Roads.  Worth the trade?  For Mountains, Hayfields & Old Country Dirt Roads?  I think. Not
The Pug didn't stop panting the entire trip.  He may have for a minute when he took a dip in  
The Roaring Branch.  But I am not even positive on that one.  
Hanging out by a BIG tree in Great Grandma & Grandpa Pfieffers Yard in Greenwich, NY.

Wouldn't be a trip to Gra-Pas house without a ride on the tractor!
To get out and do something I found & bought tickets online prior to our arrival to go on the  
Lac Du Saint on Lake George.  Fireworks the night before the Fourth Of July. 
 Everyone was so excited to go on the Boat Cruise.  I am pretty sure Grandma, Gra-Pa & Aunt Amy all had a fun time too.

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