Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend RePlay

Here we go again.  We try to hurry the week by just to get to the weekend & then it flies right by.  Glad I got some pictures to capture the blink of an eye we call "The Weekend." Anyone else feel its more of a week beginning?  For us its when we try to rest & at the same time get groceries & such for the week.  I feel like it starts our week. - or at-least Sunday does Freshly bathed kiddies.  To bed early.  Mommy & Daddy time on the couch catching up on the dvr.  Relaxing to start the week off right.   

I got my new machine Friday night.  Yay.  Had lots of catching up to do with the two days without.  I love how this sun suit turned out & the simple black girls top with the flutter cap sleeve.  Just beautiful.

Try not to rush your week by just to get to the blur of a weekend we get.  Enjoy each & everyday.  Make the most of it.

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