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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Spent my morning in pj's cutting fabric for 16 {maybe more?} zipper pouches. Put away laundry & cleaned out Miss Emmas old clothes to make room in her drawers for all the new hand me downs. - Grabbed a quick shower & took some lovely bathroom mirror photos. ha.
Photo: Wiww Wiww Wiww. Yay for sock season

Top:  You aren't going to believe this, its a hand me down from my {almost} niece Arianna.  Limited Too. bah.  Yes, I am that small I fit into the children's clothes.  I have been known to wear a couple of Cody's shirts here & there.  It works.   The blue is fun & the polkadots.  I am love. love. loving polkadots right now.

Bottom:  Khakis from Bass & Co.  So comfy.  Socks.  Yay.  Its sock season.  Target {or course!}  Not even bothering with shoes today, I will  be home with the littles all day.  Mr. L is on the road.  Work, work, work.  Make that dollar. bah.    Happy Wednesday. Time for me to hit the machine.


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