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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend RePlay

Started the weekend off Saturday morning with a trip to the post & off to the State Fair Grounds. Mr. L wanted to check out the gun show. mhmm. The real one. Not my "guns." Well, the lined wrapped around the building & we thought that was just a bit much. Guns aren't that great.  -- The trip wasn't a total lose since the flea market is also held at the fair grounds every weekend.  We hit up the farmers market spots.  Browsed the antiques.  Grabbed 5 bananas for $1, 2 avocados for $1, a big ole thing of strawberries for $3 & some locally made pumpkin spice honey spread.  Thats going to be amazing on toast tomorrow morning.  Yumm.

Back home for some lunch before heading over to the North Hills for the Christmas Tree Lightning.  The crowd was big again this year.  We got there early.  Enjoyed the train ride around the shops & then grabbed a spot up close to the stage to see Santa light the tree with his magic dust.  The kids love it.

 {Photo Credit:  North Hills.}

 We even got to see frosty.  Oh and Rudolph & the gingerbread man too.  Such a fun time.  The kids really love going every year.  This year we didn't give into all the extras.  The crafts, the bounce house & the sledding.  YES.  Sledding in North Carolina.  They had man made snow & a hill.  Two at a time - 3 hour line for a 10 second ride.  I think not.  So, thats why we didn't give into all the extras.  We did the "train" {1 hour wait} and that was enough waiting for us.  Emma was a little disappointed... but nothing a trip to Five Guys can't take your mind off. ha.  

Sunday - Spontaneously decided to do our family portrait.  I mean.  It has to get done.  Right.  No one is happy about it.  Whine, whine whine.  I freaked out "I do things for your kids everyday, the least you can do is take one freakin' good picture."   On off to Target we went to buy sweaters for the boys!  Back home to our own backyard, the tripod & handy dandy timer.  Mhmm.  Much less stressful then a 2 x 3 curtained off area at the department store.  Ugh. 

Fenway was a real asshole this year.  The photos didn't go well.  But they work.  The job is done.

Editing.  Print & Send.  Boom.  Until next year...


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