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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I think I missed last week. First one in awhile. Yes. I did. I remember now. I woke with an awful groggy headache - the kind that could of went full migraine. Instead I took a crazy hot shower & napped the morning away. I woke up, it was after noon & I felt better.   - This week I am feeling great today.  Woke up.  Cleaned the house up, the bug guy is coming today.  He deals with bugs, not sure why a couple dirty dishes would scare him! ha.   Walked the littles out to the bus.  Its crazy cold this morning.  But it felt refreshing.  Almost. -  I have four little bears & a few fabric bins cut up & ready to sew.  You know what I'll be doing today.  Also, I suppose I just gave away some details on what will be in Fridays {Ready to Ship Friday} upload.  Its gonna be a cute one.   For sure.  - On to the part about what I wore... As always linking up to The Pleated Poppy. 

Long Sleeve Thermal - Old Navy
Current Fave Sweater - Eddie Bauer 
Dark Denim Jeans - SOHO {Khols}
Forest Green Clogs - Target
{Love These shoes for wet mornings.  I can get home & not have wet socks. }


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