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Monday, February 4, 2013

Make It Monday {The Lowry Kitchen}

This week we are featuring Serenity from The Lowry Kitchen. I checked out her blog - so many recipes that are healthy & easy for us moms to make.   Who has time to cook a crazy meal with three kids running around?  And the ingredients are "healthy", yet, not pricey & available in your local grocery.  {No running to a special market!! Yay.}   Once you stop over I am sure you will see lots you want to make.  Especially if you are hungry.  I made the mistake of checking it out when I was hungry.  I only wanted to make all of the recipes. But - at-last I did go with the Southwestern Chili. 
 {Source: Simply Scratch}

We all loved it.  Well ok.  So my picky two didn't love it, but they tried it & ate it. ha.  We, the rest of us, loved it.  For reals.  So yummy.  Mr. L thinks next time it could be a little spicier.  Maybe some crushed red pepper & then two jalapenos.  hmmmm.  Making it again in a couple of weeks for a dinner party here.   It went really well with corn muffins. 

So, here is what Serenity has to say:

...."My name is Serenity I’m a full time working mother, plus I also own a business on the side. I started finding it difficult to work all day and come out and have to slave over a hot stove every day. So I started thinking of ways I could come up with my own recipes and adapt recipes from other moms to help make my evenings a bit more peaceful and less crazy. And that’s when I started my blog .  I understand I’m not the only mother that faces these same daily challenges so if I could document the recipes that work well for us perhaps they will work well for you also. I’m a mom who strives to cook good meals for her family. I don’t like to use preservatives we don’t use HFCS, no hydrogenated oils, no fake sugar. I work hard to make sure what my family eats is good healthy fresh foods. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to slave over the hot stove for hours figuring it out. Come and check out the Lowry Kitchen and take time to look around. I’m always adding new recipes or ideas.
I really want to try some of the sandwich recipes she has on the blog.  Maybe the kids would enjoy those?

So go - its Monday - Make Something Delicious today. 


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