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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Inspections & Appraisals!}

Getting things done around here on the home front. We had the Appraisal last week on our sale & it appraised right at price. Awesome. The inspection was Monday afternoon - still haven't heard back from the buyers agent if they are wanting us to make repairs. Maybe we will get lucky and they won't ask for a thing. - Yeah. Probably not.

Yesterday was our Inspection on our purchase. It checked out really well. Lots of awesome features that we didn't even know about. LIke a full attic space. Lots of storage. You know for all that stuff you don't even need. ha. And Mr. L is impressed with the water system. It has a shut off system similar to a fuse box. It doesn't amaze me. But you know. Men.  Our Appraisal has been ordered - now we just have to wait, um 2 weeks.  Seems crazy.  But getting a VA loan is a process in itself & not having to pay mortgage insurance monthly will totally be worth it. 

School started back up on Monday.  Yay.  We have 1st, 3rd & a 4th grader.  How did this happen?Getting nervous for the kids having to move schools one quarter into the year.  But I am staying positive.

{Totally didn't realize it but I am a walking Target ad today.} 
Button up denim 3/4 top by Mossimo from Target. 
Long Navy Short by Merona from Target. 
Black & White Polk A Dot shoes by Merona from Target.

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