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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - {Everything is Broken}

Skipped a week. Last Wednesday I was sitting poolside. This Wednesday its back to reality & my tan is already fading.  Back to reality.  My reality sucks right now.  If you remember, my dryer died about a month ago.  Yep.  I've been hanging clothes out to dry ever since.  Stiff towels suck.  Well, we got home from vaca only to find our fridge was not too cool.  Repair man is coming tonight.  Dryer & Fridge getting fixed.  I can't live without a fridge.  Can't wait to see those two bills.  Seriously.  Everything is broken. What the fuck did I do to the universe to deserve to be shit on this way? 

On the sale front nothing is going smoothly.  We decided to offer as a rental as last resort.  Two houses in our community have sold for asking price with absolutely no updates.  Apparently people don't know whats good.  Let me inform.  Hardwood floors, tile & a brand new HVAC system is good.  Yes.  I have that.  You silly buyers down the street have a 14 year old home with all original flooring, appliances & that giant HVAC unit outside isn't going to make it past the next 100 degree day here.  Good luck with that.   I am not usually such an angry person.  Ok, ok.  Maybe I am.  I am known to put my bitch pants on once in awhile.  Hubs says I rarely take them off.  Some-days I just have them pulled a little higher.  Tuesday can't come soon enough.  A single day decides everything.  - We either get our new house, that's coming along way to fast & looks amazing.  Or. We don't. And we get 5K back in our pockets.  At this point I just need to know.  Come on Tuesday.

Anywho - Woke up early, that's right 8 o'clock is the new early guys.  Littles are out of school till the 28th.  Enjoying every second of not making lunches, rushing around & getting up early.  Got my coffee.  Took a couple of quick instagram pictures for today's post & I am ready to sew.  Will be making a quick trip out for supplies.  Need snaps ASAP.  Two camera bags on my table today.  Wasn't too hard getting back into the swing of things here.  My machine & I are like this. {see crossed fingers in head!}

 White tank from Old Navy layered with a comfy tank from Jockey.  {I need to get more of these.}
Striped maxi skirt by BB&CP - that's right by ME!

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