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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Weekend #4 on the Market!}

Thursday night we had our scrimmage & lost. But it was competitive & fun! Its so crazy with all of our select players on different teams for rec league. Us Moms are cheering for BOTH teams. Too funny. Cody & Carson {opposite teams!!} giving each other high fives! One on the bag the other playing second. Funny Stuff. 

Saturday morning, bright & early kicked us the Spring Baseball Season with two pre season games! We WON our game!  

Sunday we surprised the littles - took them out to the movies.  I squeezed in some sewing time & got the camera bag done.  I am so excited about it.  No really.  I love it.  Sometimes I make something, and really amaze myself.  This is one of those times.... Check it out!  Padded with 1 inch foam.  Snaps to keep the camera snug. Swivel Clip Straps - Adjustable & Removable.  Three exterior elastic pockets. Its delicious in this rainbow chevron print by Robert Kaufman. Love Love Love IT! 

So.  Seriously how has it been  4 weeks {on wed.} on the market already?  We haven't given up keeping the place clean & ready to be shown, but Mr. L is starting to give up hope.  The stats show our house should sell in 3 months.  We are only 1/3 of the way there.  This is our first weekend since being on the market that the house has not had a showing.  Ugh.  We did however have a showing scheduled for Monday.  It happened.  They bought a house they had looked at earlier in the day.  Double ugh.   To make matters worse, our friends in Durham county are selling their home, its pretty much our houses twin, just add a garage.  They got an offer this weekend.  Triple Ugh.  {Yay for them.  Enjoy your rental living till the house is built in September. hehe.}  

So I am totally hoping - best case scenario our house sells in June.  It will give us time to finish out the school year & get relocated to a RENTAL, blah, in Raleigh & be ready to start school there... That would be just to freakin' ideal.  Wouldn't it?

Alright - its back to my machine!  I have 21 monsters to stuff.  Trying to beat the mail lady. Ready. Set. Sew. 


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