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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eat.Burp.Wash. &Repeat.

I've been so busy all this week cutting fabric, pining, sewing, turning it right-side out & top-stitching! Makes you truely appreciate the end product.
I cannot believe how cute my sets are coming out. Makes me wanna pop out a baby so I can burp um remember those days of burping the kiddies!   Seriously though, how cute are these sets.  Who doesn't love sock monkeys?

I know I am new to the Etsy thing & still trying to find my way some customer base and I am feeling like this new product line I am trying to get out there is something that someone would purchase.  I don't know, maybe I am biased.  I sewed it.  I really am proud of these sets though.

Eat.Burp.Wash.  &Repeat.  I am still not sure how I thought it up. It just came to me. I mean its a bib "eat", a burp cloth "burp" & a little washie "wash"  and of course you are going to "repeat" this process. About a million times.  How fun to be doing all these mommy tasks in style.

You can check out my newest creations here at ButterBeans&ChicPeas by BLauzonSews.  I appreciate all the views I have gotten my few and far between hearts, all of you who I have been so fortunate to have had as a customer & my followers.

Now that my week of listing one item a day is over I am going to take a much needed break. Maybe enjoy a cup of tea, talk on the phone again or catch up on some reading?  I have renewed my library book one too many times. 

Oh! I got a button. Took me a minute to make it, but I did it. So proud.


Have a great weekend. Enjoy time with family.  That's my plan.


Tennessee Mom said...

Those are such cute pieces, it almost makes me wish my son was a baby again. Almost.

Luckily I have a nephew due to arrive in the next couple weeks. I'll be sure to check out your shop for gifts!

I found you through the Saturday Surfin' and joined your followers!

Erin Wallace said...

Here from SS you have a nice blog! Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

xo Erin

Anonymous said...

I love them! Following from Surfin' Saturday. Have a fantastic weekend!

Jessica Warrick said...

wow i sell the same items wash wipes and burp cloths.. small world. lol
im now following you from the Saturday blog hop.

Little Lizard King said...

Super cute!!!

Beverly said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments! :) I appreciate them.

Following you all back now too!
Have a great week.


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