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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jacks First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the big day, that Jack has been counting down and waiting for since, well before Cody even started Kindergarten himself. So for a long time.  But as I told him the day finally came.  Mr. L and I packed the kids and backpacks filled with too many school supplies (I don't remember this from when I was a kid! Has to be Purell brand hand sanitizer!?) and drove down the road to our cute little school.  Hopped us all out of the car and Jack put on his extremely heavy backpack and huffed slowly as fast as he could down the steps and across the street to the school.  Walked down the hallway to Mrs. Mitchells kindergarten class. Room 305. Checked in and found his cubby.  Gave him a hug, Mr. L told him to let Mrs. Mitchell know how smart he is & we were on our way out the door and the little look on his face said he had no idea what to do next & why we were leaving him there. In that room. With those people.  Dropped our "big boy" Cody off at his class and out the door I went. Just us & princess Emma. Drove home, walked in the house and realized how silent it was. Wow. Silence. No Emma screaming at Jack, no Jack screaming at Emma. No pug barking at the kiddies. Silence. Ahh.   After Mr. L left for work, my question I once asked myself (Will this mean I get more done?) was answered.  For today, yes I actually got more done, I got the kitchen cleaned up in no time & the laundry folded, then I cut out two bootie patterns and made them, played around on the computer with Princess Emma and all this before lunch time.  I am not going to count on this. Atleast not daily. I am pretty sure some sort of energy came over me to get this amount of stuff all done before lunch time. (I almost mowed the lawn too.) Then Mr. L got home & took Princess Emma and I out for lunch, we went to Chilis.  Emma was so happy to go out "without the boooyyysss."  I am pretty sure Daddy isn't one of the boooyyyss.

We got home in plenty of time to play outside in the swimming pool & then head out to the bus stop to get our boys.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera.  Jack's first bus ride. He made it. Jack successfully made it through his first day of school.  Got on the right bus and actually had someone yelling out the window "bye Jack" as he got off. Popular.
Jack came running off the bus all happy and just Jack.  He did inform me that he cried. Someone did ask him if he knew where the title of the book was located.  But this is about all I have gotten out of him. Oh. And he can't wait to go back.  So all in all a good day, right?

Here is Jack in front of his brand new school. On his first day of Kindergarten. Big Day for Jack.

I'm now a proud Momma of two school age children. What an accomplishment.  How fast time flys, where did the years go? Seems like just yesterday he was my little "Baby Jack."


Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And what a gret first day of school for Jack (and you!). I've got another year before my baby heads off to kindergarden and I'm torn between being excited and being sad that my kids are growing up! :)

Beverly said...

Hey Sarah,
I ve found the only way to keep "sane" is to stay excited! (Tear) Its such an exciting time really, its hard not to be, especially when they are too.

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

Wow, your school starts really early. Thanks for participating with us at Follow Me Wedndesday! I'm your newest follower!

Beverly said...

Yes, we have year round school here! I love it. 9 weeks on 3 off. :)


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