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I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Oh the joys of biweekly paychecks! (And we have thrown all of our money in the savings, at new tires for the HHR & at a trip to LasVegas!) So basically, the weekend before pay day means we do NOTHING, I am serious we only left the house Saturday morning to go to the library.  We brought back books & got some new ones.  We did do the storytime too, I am not sure why I bother, Cody thinks he is too cool for it, Jack only wanted to look at the books he picked out and Emma had to sit on my lap the whole time causing both of my feet to fall asleep.  After that though we stayed home, mainly in the house since it was a rainy & miserably hot weekend.
Mr. L mowed the lawn Saturday afternoon & about one hour later a thunderstorm came through.  Whatever happened to the days of freaking out completely and turning off & unplugging every appliance? Getting the candles ready and storing water so you can simply flush the toilet?  I guess the power down here is pretty f'n great because we have lived here for 3 years and have only had the power go out ONCE that lasted more then a little "brown out".  Or maybe the above mentioned freak out plan was just something we did in the northeast? hmm Not like I was going to shut down my computer and not be able to tweet & update my facebook status on what was happening with the weather.  Oh how the times do change.
We made it safely through and our power did not go out even when right in the back yard a giant tree was hit by lightening producing the loudest clap of thunder I've ever heard. The whole house shook so hard that a picture fell of the wall.  Later when I felt it was safe I went out and took some pictures of what mother nature had done to our tree.
I made these super cute Luxe Gift Sets for New Mom & Baby.  I have two of them listed them here in my  ButterBeans&ChicPeas Shop: 

I am so impressed with how they turned out & I am so excited to offer them in my shop. They include a super soft and cuddly bunny pal, a "burp in style" cloth, 2 little washies that are just perfect for a newborns sensitive skin and even a pair of booties.  It just such a great soft minky set.  All this for $50 and just like with all of my items they are shipped priority mail which is 2-3 days shipping throughout the United States. So great.  Sure to be a hit at your baby shower or a coming home gift for new mom & baby.

We ate these on Sunday afternoon after lunch... tasty treat, even if not roasted on the campfire!
And while Mr. L was out grilling us some tasty "pink fish" he played with Fenway who thought he had made his big escape when Cody & Jack ran outside all kinds of excited to see the watermelon Mr. L found growing out in our little garden.

I can't believe the way this watermelon is growing hanging above the ground and I hope it doesn't fall off the vine due to gravity.

I am so glad to have such a wonderful family that even when we don't have the money to go out and entertain our kiddies we are able to stay home and have just a great time together.  I love my family.

Oh and in closing I would like to say that Mr. L made me all smiles inside Friday afternoon when the kids and I all ran home from the bus stop and he walked slowly behind.  When we got to the porch he said with a big smile on his face "I was just watching you guys run and thinking how proud I am to have you guys as my family."  Yeah, I am pretty sure Mr. L is the best husband. Ever. And I know he's the best Dad.


Made.By.Jess said...

love the creations. they are so cute.
new follower from follow me wednesday.
hope you can stop by sometime

With our best said...

Hi! I'm your Newest Wednesday Follower! Nice to 'meet' you! :)

I'd love it if you'd followed me back!


Beverly said...

Thanks Girls! :)

Teigha said...

I LOVE the watermelon and how it is growing and surprised you guys!!! You have to keep us posted on that and if it grows to its fullest!!


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