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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend RePlay

We had gone out Friday night for Mr. L's Birthday dinner at the wonderfully tasty & so unhealthy Hibachi Grill. And it was delish. Came home way to full to enjoy cake but made Mr. L blow out the candles anyway.  (You know the kids ate the cake!)
Saturday morning Mr. L surprised us all by saying we were going to the theater!  From that moment till the minute we got in the car Emma was talking about it.  "I am ready to go to the theater now. Is it time to go?" 

We saw Despicable Me.  That little lady sat on the edge of her seat throughout the movie and was so involved.  Jack & Cody were laughing & chowing down on popcorn the entire time.  Oh how I love that I can take my kids to the movies. And actually find it enjoyable.   You know actually able to watch the movie.  Not  taking  them out to pee. Not having to whip out my breast (although in a dark theater, still an uncomfortable situation to be in!)

Just before going into the movies we got a call from Papa. He said he was coming down from Vermont for the weekend. What exciting news for the kiddies.  So not long after getting home from the movies they pulled in.  We cooked out and watched a movie together.

Also when we got home I found that I had sold two of my Eat.Burp.Wash. &Repeat Sets. How exciting.  It almost paid for our movie outing. And Mr. L sold a video game later that day for $25.  Go Us.

Sunday we got some Subs & went over to our local nature trail but apparently I had my "mommy brain" on and I not only didn't have the battery in my camera, I had no memory stick too.  How useless is that.
Later we went out to a flea market browsing all the neat items & getting way too hot on a over 100 degree afternoon.  Purchased a $4 flower sifter, a dust pan & plums!

Everyone is tired out and red faced from our "treasure hunting" at the flea market.  Sitting in the shade while Papa continues on the hunt for something good.  He came back with some rusted to perfection rooster and other design hooks.
Jack was seemed to be enjoying his juicy plum while we waited to get back on the road.

Then we all cooled off with an ice cream at the Dairy Queen.  

Finished the weekend off with a movie and popcorn at home.  Tried to get the kiddies to bed on time to start the week off right.  It was a success.

This is our last week till track out.

Papa, Bonnie & Bella are headed back to Vermont & Emma keeps asking if she can go to "Bermont" to play with Bella.  Silly Emma.


Victoria said...

hope you bought me that box of keys!!!

Beverly said...

I didn't buy those keys. I should of I guess. I thought they were a great picture!


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