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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend RePlay

We had a really chill weekend... well not Mr. L. he had to work overtime all day Saturday (can't wait for that check) so that meant that the kids and I were at home doing alot of this...
Okay, well we didn't really sit and stare at each other all day... I did make pickles & brownies... sounds like a pregnant combo... but no I am NOT pregnant, if I was Mr. L. would have lots of questions and I would have lots of explaining to do.  
Seriously though I have waaay too many cucumbers coming out of my garden now & the neighbor is continuing to bring me more.  So I decided to make my own version of refrigerator pickles.. they aren't too bad either, they look pretty too. Vinegar, basil, garlic salt, salt, and sugar boiled then poured over the cut cucumbers in a mason jar.

Also, I made brownies.  From scratch.  Yes, I a former "Baker" had never once in my life made brownies not from a box. They were way better than the boxed mix & probably healthier... but we won't go there.

I even had time after the kiddies got to bed to make some super cute little burp cloths.  I am hoping since I purchased some insanely cute matchy, match fabrics from an Etsy shop & I cannot wait to receive them to start a cute little line of "Burp in Style" burp cloths to put up in my ButterBeans&ChicPeas, by BLauzonSews Etsy Shop.

Cute right? I would love to hear your inputs. I just ordered some gerber brand burp cloths that I plan sew fabric onto and make them "stylish." Burp in Style.

Sunday morning while letting Mr. L sleep in from his long day of overtime work the day before I let the kiddies watch "Up" which by the way is already on the Netflix on demand while I sewed up a little mini quilt.
I am really loving how it came out "i am not perfect" but still it is so stinking cute. Also listed it in my shop.

We finished up getting everything set for Jack's first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday.  I really hope he is ready for the big day, and that I am.  Just me and Princess Emma at home. 

In closing I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend as well.


Victoria said...

Nice!!! Pickles!! and homemade brownies!! {with all healthy ingred. i am sure... like applesauce instead of veg. oil, and whole wheat flour....} I'm glad to see you made pickles with all your cukes....{prob'ly could be the start of your Christmas Gifts!!!! --how long are they shelf stable, since they are refrigerator pickles, and not the "canned" type???
I really like the idea of the pregnancy thing!!! Come on, can't you have a few more????
I love the picture of Jackie and Fenway... Can't wait to hear how school goes for him!!! {Is he excited or nervous???}

Elizabeth said...

HI there! I am visiting from New Friend Friday! Very cute burpcloths...every baby need something stylish to puke on! Have a happy weekend!


Jennifer said...

What a sweet blog you have! found you on Trendy Treehouse - feel free to stop by and/or follow me too :)

I feel so far away from the school thing (baby is 1), but I'm sure it sneaks up on you!

Beverly said...

Thanks Elizabeth for the kind words on my "Burp in Style" cloths. I think they are so stinking cute!
Jennifer thank you too heading over to both of y'alls blogs to follow as well.

Oh! And yes, the school thing certainly does sneak up on you... seems like just yesterday... ;)


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