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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Yes, I am late.  The Fourth of July weekend turned into a lonnnng one.  And my sister and her boyfriend, (that sounds odd) Marcelo came up from Florida. Staying Saturday - Tuesday night.  So things have been busy & fun here.

We celebrated the Fourth of July the good ole American way! Grilling, Hotdogs, Baseball Game, Fried Dough, Ice Cream & of course, FireWorks!

Aunt Steph, Emma and I all looking very patriotic, in our dresses ready for the baseball game.
Look at those tasty desert treats! :) Yumms.  My Boones Farm bought souly for color seems to still be sitting on my counter... hmm....Guess I am not a big drinker, drinker.

                                          Jack             Emma             Cody

Having fun at the Durham Bulls Baseball Game. The kids always have fun when we come here & we got to see Fireworks after, yeaaa.

This was Aunt Steph's very first baseball game!  And the Bulls WON! They let off the smoke & the glowing red eyes on the bull.  Which please all the kids, & Aunt Steph too.  She really wanted to see that damn bull. No home-runs the whole game so we had to wait and see it at the end.  Its always such a fun time at the Durham Bulls Ballpark, it is such a clean ballpark & a great family atmosphere.

The rest of our weekend was spent by the kiddie pool with Aunt Steph lathering us all up in SPF 510!  As if they have that, but it they did!   Oh and since we had not one but TWO massage therapists in our home... we of course had massages. Yep, even the kiddies.
I hope you all had a fun & safe holiday weekend.  We sure did.

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