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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Is Over - I Made It.

Christmas At The L Family House-  
I made these fabulous "cookie jars" for family, friends & the kiddies teachers.  How cute are they?
 I also found time to whip up this ridiculously cute dress for my Miss Emma.  Doesn't she just appear to LOVE it?  Yes. She does because she does.  Sporting her gingerbread headband from Nana too.

 Also made this DELICIOUS bark.  Shipped it out to some family & some for our lovely rude mail lady.
 Found sometime to rake & play in the leaves with the kiddies.  Which is just crazy to be doing at Christmastime.  What a nice day it was though.  They all had so much fun out there.

 Surprise!  The L Family got some surprise visitors at the door Wednesday night.  Papa, Bonnie, Bella & Zach all the way from Vermont.  We didn't have a single clue that they were coming down.  What fun.  Of course then I had to find time to make Miss Bella a super cute dress too.
 And then made us all these cupcakes that were unbelievably great. No.  Seriously. Great.
 Christmas Eve at The L Family's House -
         Leave Cookies & Milk for Santa
 And he leaves presents.
 Christmas Morning at The L Family House -

 How happy do our little kiddies look?  They bring such joy to Christmas morning. 
(Everyday for that matter!)

 I made Mr. L a OU scarf.  Boomer Sooner.
And of course I made Christmas Dinner.
 Here we are on our traditional family walk on the nature trail.  I love Christmas Day with my family.
 Christmas Night at The L Family House -
Stockings at night - also an L Family tradition. 
Pure Joy.
 I just cannot believe it.  Christmas is over, but Christmastime is still here.  Right?  It sure is here out the L Family house.  We got 8 inches of snow today and I am certainly not taking down all this Christmas stuff and bringing it out to the shed in the freezing cold snow.  Yikes.  So Christmastime is here to stay.

So Christmas is over, and I made it - both literally and figuratively.  
Merry Christmas From The L Family.


Klove said...

Looks like so much fun! Your dog is so cute! XOXO

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Wow you did all that before Christmas? Love the cookie jars and dresses. The photo of the house in snow is beautiful though I'm happy to just look at it in the photo. No snow for me thanks!


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