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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

What a wonderful weekend away -  as tradition we went down to Myrtle Beach the first weekend of December for the Broadway at the Beach Holiday Parade.  Stayed at the same condo too.  We always say we might stay somewhere else, but always comes down to old faithful - we know the area, the parking situation, the room, and the indoor pools are a must for the kiddies at this time of year.

So we started out Friday night - dropped the pug off at "doggie daycare" then after a three hour wait for Mr. L to be done with work, yes, three hours. In the car. With three kids.  Thank goodness for Christmas music, radio disney on xm and cell phones (and HEAT!)  We were finally in route - pulled into the Bayview just after mid-night.  Checked into our room to find that the people next door where apparently having a "Will Smith" party - well thats what I called it since they were blasting his music.  We called down to the lobby - I am not one to complain or want to change rooms, its not my style.  But it was after midnight and I wanted to get some sleep.  Of course the front desk did NOT answer.  So we grabbed everything and put it back on the cart, went down to the lobby, asked for another room.  Room 306 -  SCORE!  Walked in the condo to find that the owners had updated the living room and bedroom tvs to HUGE flat screens.  (The rest of the rooms have the old boob tubes - 19"!)  So seriously Mr. L was so excited for the big game, OU on Saturday night.

Got the kiddies into bed & ourselves.  Woke up the next morning and got everyone ready for the parade and a day out at broadway at the beach, shops, feeding the fish & ducks and STARBUCKS!

 After walking around in the chilly South Carolina weather we headed out to find lunch -  landed right where we always do, Friendlys - lunch + ice cream = Tired and Stuffed.  We picked up a few baking supplies at the local wal*mart.  Saw Santa doing a little shopping too & then headed back to the hotel.  The kids really wanted to go see the beach.  We could see it from our room - but that is of course not enough.  Luckily once we got down there it wasn't near as cold as we had expected.

Look how much fun these kiddies have - 
Mr. L says, "They don't know how good they have it, being able to go on trips so often!"  Must be nice to have parents that love to travel.

 My winter boots like the sand --

 Our lil' Jackie is getting so big! (He doesn't approve of being called "Jackie" - it's "Just Jack!)
 What a busy day - but its not over yet!  We went back to the room, got in our swimsuits and hit the pools!  Lazy river, swimming in the "big pool" and relaxing in the hot tub.  Then it was back up to the room to get bundled up to head out to see the Christmas Tree Lights.  We have done this every year, we were a little disappointed with the lack of fake snow falling - maybe it was broken this year?

Time to get back for the BIG GAME! And bake COOKIES!  All while drinking - wine of course! :)   Just look how proud my little kiddies are of there cookies.  They did good this year, a lot more frosting on the cookies and a lot less on themselves and in there mouths!  Good Job!

Mr. L is ready to watch FOOTBALL and chow down on his cookies!

 -- And to please ME, the wife - the boss sent these!  Pretty stinkin' smells good nice.   How thoughtful.

 Sunday Morning I woke up to this -  I love waking up to the sunrise at the BEACH - even if its not HOT out. It still looks wonderful! Once the kiddies and Mr. L got up we at cookies and cold pizza for breakfast, and went swimming before checkout time - then we were back on the road to go pick up our pug, whom we thought about several times over... always hate to leave the pug behind. Ugh.

When we got home, we were a little surprised to see the "white stuff" on our grass.  Ick.  And its Wednesday, & it's still out there - it is miserably cold out.  It was 14* out this morning when we were out at the bus stop - somehow it felt warmer then yesterday when it was 28* - Either I am getting used to this FREEZING weather or the sunshine helps! Brrr.

Another great family trip - we look forward to it every year - weren't sure if it was going to happen this year.  But certainly glad it did.  We all had a GREAT time together & I think I enjoyed not sewing for TWO days, no wait-  I only made it through Saturday without sewing.  I sewed up a skirt on Sunday night after grocery shopping.  What a FAST, fun, family trip.


ELLy Designs said...

Awwwww, I love to travel, and I didn't go often anywhere as a child, but my hubby doesn't like to travel. :( Sounded fun, and looked like bunches of fun!

It's beautiful and makes me want to travel and just leave the hubby behind lol. :)

I love how you wrote in the sand! Make a great addition to a card! :)

Cecelia said...

The viewer from Killeen TX... would be me! I love the pictures!! Awesome job. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

Beverly said...

Thanks Gals for taking the time to read! Always fun! I seriously LOVE to travel! If I could I would always be planning my next trip-

Leila you have to talk to hubs into a trip - I hear Raleigh is nice! ;)


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