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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

We went to bed knowing we had a 2 hr Delay - by the time we woke up Malcolm was so kind to let us know that school was canceled.  First words out of Codys mouth - "Dad, do we have school today?"  after finding it is was a - NO!  He run to wake up Jack and straight downstairs to look out the door - yup.  We have a mere 1/2 of an inch.  Excitement for this can not be contained by kids who don't see snow often.    Emma couldn't wait for Dad to use his "brush" to wipe off the car, which  her and I dug out of the shed last night.  Look at me thinking ahead - being all prepared and shit.  So not like me.

So no school I thought would mean - no sewing - but I seemed to get alot done! 
While the kiddies watched "To Grandmothers House We Go."  (You know what Mary Kate & Ashley movie - yes I dvr-d it.)   I managed to get all  these done -  Aren't they cute.  Christmas presents - I just love the bag I whipped up (without a pattern I might add!)  Now I have to get onto wrapping.  I think I am gonna need a cup of coffee for that!  Stat!

 Look at these cute kiddies out in the snow!  They just love it.  And Mommy just loves that it's already almost gone.


Leila Ellice said...

Well, that was definitely a favorite movie of mine growing up :) I loved it!

Being prepared is a good thing, but sometimes I never get around to doing it.. lol

I'm glad you got things done, but I hope it wasn't much trouble getting work done.. lol :)

I want to see snow badly!

Amanda said...

It just cracked me up -- mere half an inch. Gosh I only wish!!! :) Glad you got lots of sewing done. Today we had a snow day (We got 6 1/2 inches last night) and I didn't get a thing done. Except I've now played enough Sorry Sliders to last me a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

WHAT was that word?????????? ..."being all prepared and sh**"
I've never heard you swear! I would have expected "poop" to come out of your mouth, {haha, vocally, I mean!}
So, is the next line { "So not like me."} about your swearing or your being prepared? I thought you were always prepared for anything!
love, mom!

Beverly said...

Usually when you take the time to get something out - as to be prepared - you don't need it. When you don't have it ready - YOU NEED IT!


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