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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Here at the L Family House we had a good and possibly productive weekend.  Saturday Mr. L had to work so the kiddies and I hit up the Wal*Mart and found a couple of gifts for Mr. L & a few last minute items for others.  We shipped out some packages, I wish I could say I shipped out all of our Christmas packages - but no.  I have all the letters folded, sealed & stamped, headed to our friends & family -  I know I am so behind this year.  It's just crazy.

Saturday night - after our fire & movie together all five of us told bedtime stories, Emma and Mr. L even brought out some good ole zombie tales of Santa having his brains eatenWe have such culture.

Sunday I made lots of jars of "Country Oatmeal" cookies to gift to teachers & staff while the kiddies worked on cards to give to all their classmates.  Yes, they colored 23 cards each and wrote ... "From Cody" & "From Jack" that many times.  And better yet they loved every minute of it.  Once our somewhat "crafty" morning was over we had a quick lunch and went out to pick up a few grocery items, and get our weekly coffee - out.  Thank you McCafe for those lovely freebie coupons.  Then we got home and worked on some more snowman crafts - got out the old hot glue gun - now we are talking crafts. 

School bags are packed, kids are showered and in pjs, teeth are brushed & mommy had a minute to blog.  What.  This leaves only a bedtime story - or three, then its time for bed.
A little disappointed there is no Dexter to watch tonight.  Ugh.  Sunday.

Two day school week and then its two weeks of vacation.  What fun.

I purchased new patterns - from NeedleCraft Patterns, so I am now able to make Slipper {boots} for bigger kids too!  All the way up to size 13 toddler shoe.  I am just loving them and currently am working on a few pairs. 

Almost makes me wish I hadn't already purchased Emma some super cute pom pom slippers at Old Navy a few weeks ago for Christmas.  Of course I don't really wish that - because then I would have ONE more thing to add to my list.

 I also got this pattern to make these crazy cute kimono shoes.  I am loving them in this fabric pattern - I will definitely have to make a few pairs of these to list in my shop.  You know - when I get a minute.

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