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Friday, December 10, 2010

Codys FIRST Concert

 Look at our big boy!  Cody is all set to go be part of the Polar Express, his very first performance.  Track 3&4's 1st and 2nd Graders have been working on this for WEEKS - possibly months!  And finally ready to get up there and do his thing!  Though I was a little nervous for him - he didn't seem nervous about it when I gave him a big pep talk about how I think he is a GREAT singer.  To which he replied - "How do you know? You've never heard me sing!"  Of course I have - You just didn't know I heard you. :)

Everyone was in PJ's including some teachers & parents - I didn't get this memo - and not sure I would of attended in them anyways.  I choose to wear this sparkly fuchsia sweater shirt I got in a package from my mom the other day.  I am thinking it might be from my sister though.  It looks like a "Stephanie Shirt!"  I think it looked good - it wasn't till we were out at Lone Star that Mr. L said "Wow, you're awfully sparkly tonight!"

Miss Emma was SO excited to see Cody's Performance - she was talking about it ALL day.  Jack came home talking all about it too -  he got to see it in school earlier.  Doesn't mean he wasn't ready to see it again!  He clapped after every song!  Jack just loved watching all the kids and especially his big brother Cody up on stage.
I wanted Miss Emma to look cute & Christmas-y so I made her some hair bows earlier in the day.  I have been sick for - too long now!   But I mustered up the energy to get those bows made.  Emma absolutely LOVES them.  When we got home and she took them out the alligator clip slipped out of the bow (I didn't glue it - I didn't have THAT much energy) and she panicked - "I broke my bow!"  Tears came pouring out - I fixed it in a mere second but it took a big DADDY hug to make her stop crying.  Poor Emma.

 Cody had the part of playing the bells for one song! :) He was so proud of himself - Mom & Dad are too!

We all had fun - Cody did GREAT! And we all went out to eat at Lone Star!   The videos aren't the greatest - Miss Emma was jumping around from lap to lap and jostling my chair.  But I think our relatives out of state should appreciate!


ELLy Designs said...

Adorable play! :) The videos look great! CRISP & CLEAR! :) I loved when my parents came to see me in my school plays (when i was younger) they have pictures of me looking around, and never spotted them in the crowd at all! lol :)

Victoria said...

Nanna & Pa-Paw Art both watched the videos here, and loved them! Thanks for sharing! Wish we were there!


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