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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Its Tackle It Tuesday - and I am getting things done.  Housework - sewing - dvr.  So I started off the day by cleaning up the kitchen - it needed it.  I moved everything off the counters gave em a good scrubin' the whole works.  The fridge is de-cluttered.  I even cleaned the cabinet faces. - This took the bulk of my morning. 
But how great does it look - so good I can almost smell it.  I have a yankee candle tart going so I literally can smell it. 

I got my new microwave in place - now Mr. L can take the old one to his work.  - Which means more lunch options.  Yah for him!

 These brown canisters are probably my favorite kitchen item (besides the Keurig Machine!).  But. I love them - they are a thrift store find from several years ago - I would say at-least five years.
 The nutcracker looks pretty good on my counter - and so do these cookiesYum!

This afternoon I made this little gal.  From a Bit of Whimsy Pattern.  Isn't she cute.  I even gave her a skirt.  I think I will list her in my shop later today.  Also working on a girl dinosaur.  Not sure if I will her done today or not.
In between all this I watched a Lifetime Movie - "Marry Me" which I had dvr-d last night.  It took me several rewinds - to keep up with it when I was multitasking.  Then the power went out and I had to fwd through half the movie The lovely thing didn't remember where I was.Ugh. 
         Electronics - never play nice.

What have you done on "Tackle It Tuesday?"  Link up and let us read about it!  See it anything.  Doesn't it feel good to accomplish something?  Even if it is just a blog post?

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Victoria said...

Your kitchen looks good...what scent of tart are ya burning? And what kind of cookies are these??? They look so good!!! Share your recipe!

My day was Tackle it Thursday~ #1: I finally made hot wings with the chicken wings I had thawed DAYS ago!
#2: I finally got out enough boxes from the shed to make it look like Christmas around here! {including all the ornaments for the tree}.

#3: We got the rest of the icicles strung around the front of the house {and some new LED's on the shrubs!}.
#4: Steph came and decorated my tree, which we had set up the night before.
#5: Both of the kitties had grooming done--lion cuts for them....let's see if it cuts down on the hair!
#6: I finished wrapping all the gifts that needed to be shipped! {and we shipped them all today!--watch for yours, 2 boxes coming from UPS!}
How do you like the quilted table topper and coasters I made ya? Does it fit on your table, or is it a little too big? I see the little kitchen magnet on your fridge... That was a thrift store find, I thought was looked "vintage"...


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