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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Click it Twice

I typically get to bed around 10ish.  Not too early - not too late.  By the time I get my teeth brushing routine over {brush, waterpik, floss the bottom around retainer, rinse & decide if I want to wear the top retainer or not} I finally lay down & bam.  Right on schedule the neighbors boyfriend/brother - who knows what pulls out.  And really.  Really.  Why wouldn't he drive a truck with a huge exhaust system on it.  

Oh.  And then every-once and awhile if were really lucky our other neighbor will get home and grace us with something that we can almost hear clearly in our upstairs bedroom.  I mean why wouldn't you want to listen to talk radio so loud everyone on the court can hear it. {Typically you would blast music.  But whatev.}  As if that wasn't enough once you exit the car lock it.  - don't just click it once.  Click it twice.  That way everyone can hear that chirp & we know not to go trying to break into your car.  Then you must have gotten in the house.  Took off your shoes, and remembered oh, I had a cup of Bojangles sweet tea out there.  Can't waist that.  Back out to the car you go. *Alarm noises.* Fumble around. *Chirp. Chirp.*  Way to make an entrance a-hole.

Don't even get me started on the fucking dog behind the fence.  He {or his owner} needs to be put down.  Howling all night - not ok.

*Disclaimer:  Should you read this - wonder to yourself - "Is this my neighbor talking about ME?"  Then yes, yes it is.*

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