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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekend RePlay: Myrtle Beach

We always love this time of the year when we get to go on our Annual Myrtle Beach weekend trip.   I  love staying on the beach and waking up to see the sunrise over the ocean.  Going out to the Holiday Parade at Broadway at the Beach.  Shopping, Football game in the condo while decorating cookies & drinking wine.  Yumm.  This year we decided to check out the new Pirates Voyage dinner show.  The kids loved it.  Pure joy in their eyes.  The seals were super cute.  We were in the front row.  The food was super tasty & the show was entertaining for sure.    This year we decided to take Monday off & having that extra day again this year was amazing.  It made for a much more relaxing weekend & more time at the pool & the beach.  
 At The Broadway At The Beach Shops.  -  Waiting for the Parade to kick off...
The Pirates Voyage
 Cookie Decorating Time...

Sunday:    Back at the hotel.  Love staying oceanfront & the Bayview Resort has a brand new boardwalk - we love it.  The L Family Loves The Beach...

 {He Loves Me & He Knows It. - Mr. L Don't try to deny those kisses!}
 Me + Him = <3
 A little candid "artsy" shot from Mr. L.  - Jack & I having a chat on the boardwalk.
If this isn't a sign of the end... I don't know what is.  First we come across a dead jelly fish.  Right.  No big deal.  We see them beach side all the time.  But not three feet from it ... a dead bird.  Eww.  Then see this sign.  - Tsunami.  For real.  We should leave the beach if there is one.  Hmmm.  Thanks for the warning.


Sunday: Lots of pool time & shopping at the outlets.  Dinner out at Johny Rockets & a movie.  Arthurs Elves in 3D.  What fun. 

Monday: After cinnamon buns for breakfast & packing up all our luggage we had to go down to the pool & beach before checking out.  The little's last request.  - 

 When we got home - Mr. L & I were happy to find our pug happy & normal.  Success.  After going with Suite Paws in Raleigh last time & having such a terrible experience we weren't sure what to expect with Knightdale Pet Spa.  But Yay!  He was excited to see us.  Ready for a walk on the trail.  And perhaps the best part.  It was only $38.  Amazing.  Will board him there again for sure. 

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