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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Things have been - uh, busy to say the least here at the L house.  Mr. L has been working like a crazy person.  The extended weekend trip to Myrtle Beach was amazing - but as always, short lived.  We are all looking forward to the Christmas Holiday.   I have been sewing up a storm here.  It's always busy this time of year.  Yesterday I completed 6 skirts in a variety of  fabrics from my facebook {12 Days of Christmas} deal.  Also made these super cute clippies for Emma's best pen-pal - Addison.

 This morning - I caught Whimsy Couture Sewing Patterns was doing a pattern test & I wanted to jump on that so I added that to my to do list.   They came out super cute.  BUT.  Miss Emma thinks they are too big so I may be offering them up for sale soon. :)
Also loving these Whale Boots I just finished up for an Etsy Customer.  Super cute in size 12-18 Months.
 Now on to the What I Wore Wednesday part of the post... I started out wearing all of this.  Its windy here today - so the scarf came in handy... but now its 72* out there and I am no longer wearing the scarf.  That & it is super itchy.  The shoes didn't stay on long either - who sews with shoes on?   I love this hair clip - yes.  It is supposed to be Emma's.  But doesn't it look super cute in my hair as well?
 Top:  White Tank layered with a printed long sleeve top both from Old Navy.  On top of all that - a grey light sweater from Khols.

Bottoms:  SO Jeans from Khols, Grey Socks from Target - And new flats from Khols.  Loving the plaid.  {Of course!}  Not loving that they are rubbing my heel the wrong way.  Ugh.  

Accessories:  Poppy Clippie from WCO by Nancy.
Scarf - something my sista gave me.  Not sure where she got it.  But I like it. 

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