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Monday, July 9, 2012

No Bra - Not Ok.

Who was so brilliant as to make this the official "National No Bra Day?" Yes. You read right. There is in fact a day where you are allowed to run free, let your boobies hang & not get gawked at. ha. Just kidding about that last part. You will get gawked at.  For sure.  By men & especially women.  Judging you.  On all levels.
I have searched around trying to find this mad man, {I say man loosely of course} get serious -- It was probably a man who thought of this day.  I've read many an article & see many a happy woman about this fantastical day.  I am just not feeling it.  "...with the spell of unusually hot weather in the United States, National No Bra Day should bring opportunity for all women to be free, if only for just a day."  {taken from the digital journal} Um.  How about no.  Sweat on saggy boobs.  Eww.

I don't know about you.  But I am a mom of three & yes, I breasted each one of them & no I am not comfortable, in any sense of the word letting them flop.   Sometimes I might even double up.  A bra & a built in bra tank.  I don't like those puppies touching.  No way.  Its just not right.  I will not be par taking in the scandalous no bra day.  No Bra - Not Ok.


mommymaidit said...


I will go to the car to get something out, with no bra, if that!

I have more comfy bras for home, that I don't wear out. Rarely braless. So I am on the same page as you. Not a fan of the boob sweat! LOL

Caroline M. said...

I would not consider myself free without a bra. Way too many concerns!


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