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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend RePlay

Somehow this weekend seemed longer then normal. I'll take it. We had a full day of fun on Saturday! Shopping at the Outlet Shops & Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate Mr. L's Birthday. The Big 3-0! Then we finished the night off with a nice puke-fest from Cody. Not sure what that was about. Puked. Immediately felt fine. Went to bed & woke up perfect. hmm.


Sunday we chilled at home until Cody finally got his tooth out that has been loose for 8 months.  Woot.  Then we went out to the hair salon.  The boys were in dire need of cuts before school.  Cody's hair was beginning to curl.  Not. Good.  So we got that done & then hit up Rack Room.  Mr. L wanted new shoes for his birthday.  We thought the outlets would have a good deal.  Alas they did not.  Rack Room however had a BOGO 1/2 OFF sale.  So Mr. L was able to get two pairs of Nikes for $110 & Miss Emma and I both got a pair of shoes too.  {You can see mine on Wednesday - in the What I Wore Wednesday post!}   Emma needed some tennis shoes for school - even though I have my doubts she will participate willingly in gym.  Its gonna be Jack all over again with her.  But worse.  She is stubborn like her Momma.  And we love her for it. 

So - its Monday & in one week its back to school.  We are almost officially ready.  A few items to purchase from the school supplies list & we are set.  Thursday we find out teachers.  The boys can't wait.  They are so excited to go back.  Yay to that!  I do believe that they are officially bored at home with no baseball to occupy their nights.  Don't worry its coming back soon.  Fall Ball starts in August. 

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