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Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend RePlay

 My friday night was looking pretty delicious.  Mr. L even had some.  {It didn't turn him into a Skinny Girl!}  We had pizza out & rented movies!  Perfect night in.  Then I stayed up late to close the auction on my BB&CP page.  Mr. L had his doubts I could stay up that late.  Mainly because by 7pm I had already had a big ole glass of Sangria.  I will admit that I may have taken a brief nap during a movie that Mr. L picked out.  Maybe.

Saturday morning I got up & did shipping labels - a quick stop at the post & we were off for a day at the pool & lunch with friends.  From there grocery shopping & the final items for our Back To School supplies.  Check out the set up.  As the kids called it "Christmas!"  They were pretty excited.  And boy am I glad!

 Thats what $146.00 worth of school supplies looks like.  We were able to stay under $200 for three kids.  Pretty good - I think.  We had to get 3 back packs & lunch bags this year.  Last year the boys were able to reuse bags.  They were garbage after two years.  Ripped & Broken Zippers.  Cannot believe I now have all three littles in school.  Oh my. 

4 ziploc bags
3 clorox wipes
3 hand sanitizers
3 tissue boxes
2 packages of crayons
1 package of markers
6 glue sticks
2 pencil cases
3 packages of pencils
1 package of erasers
7 composition books
12 folders
2 packages of page protectors
4 packages of loose leaf paper
3 binders
3 packages of expo markers
3 book bags
3 lunch bags
1 rest towel

After a full Saturday Mr. L & I needed a pick me up!  And we just happened to have a free Starbucks drink coupon from his Birthday!  Of course he went way over board.  An iced coffee with 10 shots - Triventi {that doesn't look right, but its the biggest size Starbucks offers, bigger that the venti.}   He was finished.  And all I heard was "blah, blah, blah, this coffee did nothing for me."  ha.  Three hours later he had the jitters.  And couldn't get to sleep.  Woke up sunday morning feeling like he had a hella hangover.  Yep.  10 shots kicked his ass.  - But it was free!  Oh.  It rang up at $11.50.  I wouldn't suggest purchasing it.  But if you have a freebie & feel like having the jitters & a hangover the next day.  Go for it.

Sunday we went to the library, new books & a stop at Starbucks - because nothing beats a "coffee hangover" better than a coffee.

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