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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Day Of Kindergarten

Let me start of by saying how thankful I am to have such a great school with awesome teachers, staff and volunteers supporting the education of my Cody.  I cannot wait for Jack to get started too, I have seen such improvements in Cody & can't wait to see Jack become a reader too.   
This was really a great first year, and such a positive experience.  (Only one bus time issue, to do with Cody not wearing a "super hero" shirt. You know I don't like characters on clothing, only PJ's if we must!)  This was so minor and I talked to Cody about it and it wasn't something he really felt "upset" about.  And luckily it didn't happen again!  
Cody learned the phonetic alphabet, to read, lots of sight words (still working on some!), simple math, made snow, created a tornado right on his desk, learned how to "swim", he is after all an Otter. Lost two teeth, grew an inch or two, gained about a pound, and faced his fear of getting up on stage to play the xylophone.  We are so proud of everything Cody has done this year. 
Cody loves his teacher, Mrs. Mitchell.  This morning on our last day of kindergarten he came into my bedroom & I said "Today is the last day of Kindergarten Cody." ... To which he replied in a cracked voice... "I know but, I am gonna miss Mrs. Mitchell."  (So sad.)  I told him I am sure he will still see her around school from time to time.  He agreed and got into a happy mood.  We got breakfast & packed up his bag with lunch & his gifts he made for Mrs. Mitchell & his assistant teacher Mrs. Figueroa (which he will still have next year, she is shared with kindergarten & 1st grade.)  Cody is so excited about giving his teachers the gifts.  We made fabric flowers & attached them to straws, matching cards with the words "Thanks for helping me grow" in Cody's hand writing with a couple of seed packets too.  Then at last minute Cody decided to give them each a cucumber too, which he grew in our garden.  Cody's Cucumbers.  I just know they will love the gifts, Mrs. Mitchell just is always praising Cody & us with what a great little person he is.  So thoughtful & well behaved. (She didn't meet "Crazy Cody".)

Today is our last day of Kindergarten.  Next week we start the First Grade. And Jack starts Kindergarten.  Emma still won't stop asking when she gets to go too?

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