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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Memorial Day}

It was a long, but busy weekend. On Saturday Morning I whipped up a skirt, just for me. Yay I have had this knit here for a couple of days.  I washed it.  I bought the appropriate needles.  And then, it sat.  I think I was scared, at least a little hesitant on trying my hand at the jersey knit.  Not sure why, sewed just the same as any old woven cotton.  Lovely.  I even whipped up little Emma one, we wore them out the the bookstore.  Jack bought himself a series of 5 books & then proceeded to read every last one in less than 24 hours.  I guess they were that good.

The littles were invited to a POOL PARTY! So you know that was fun! Emma ranked it in her top two parties attended. ha.  Busy Saturday.

Sunday we had planned to have no plans. {That never works.}  Mr. L went to the gym, got home and asked if we wanted to go over to a friends house for a cook out.  So in our most flexible fashion we quickly grocery shopped & grabbed a simple desert to bring.  The littles had fun playing with their girls & we enjoyed a yummy barbeque.  Late Sunday night I whipped up some little mini cheesecakes, that were pretty tasty, for the next days get together. {See what I mean, busy!}

Somehow, someway, I squeezed in some  more PERSONAL sewing on Sunday morning.  Little Lizard King asked me to do a quick pattern test for her.  It was super quick.  Like 10 minutes quick. - Perfect.  A Swim Suit Cover Up.  I am always happy to help LLK out.

Monday we had lunch & pool time with friends.  - Mr. L was pulled away almost immediately for work.  Boo to that.  We are back to on call.  Those two weeks off are so short lived.  Monday night we grilled for dinner & the littles played outside - until I said BEDTIME! 

Everyone loves a Monday night that feels like a Sunday night - but whats better, a Tuesday morning, that feels like a Monday morning - BUT - its Tuesday!  Woot.  One day closer to the weekend. 

Our first weekend on the market without a showing.  It worked out for the best, as we were out most of the time & the house was a wreck with the three littles home for a mere three days.  Not sure what we are going to do if this place doesn't sell by the time track out happens on June 28th!  {We don't have summer, year round school!}  Pretty sure the lack of showings was due to the holiday weekend, people are busy & out of town.  And what realtor wants to show properties on there days "off" Hmm?

Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day & Weekend.  We sure did.


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