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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend RePlay {On The Market - More Negative Feedback}

Friday we kicked off the weekend with half priced frappes at Starbucks! Then baseball. I think we were having with-drawls again... no baseball all week. Played wilders grove in Raleigh & got a win! 8-1

Saturday I had a yard sale in the morning, Mr. L took the pug to the vet & Cody to baseball practice. Made some $$ but certainly didn't get rid of stuff. Ugh. The shed doesn't look much different. I see a trip to the dump & a trip to the donation center in town.

Sunday we had a showing here at the house. Mr. L & I felt good about this one. We thought  maybe this was the one.  Until this morning.  - We got the feedback.  Ugh.  Another one that didn't like the neighborhood.  Are you freakin' kidding me.  You are buying a $136K house.  You aren't going to be living in an upscale community.  - And a "chop up" layout.  mhmm.  So it wasn't the one.  Not even close.  Sending Mr. L & I feeling even less hope in selling this place. 

So get ready for this one.  Our realtor wants us to meet up.  Its been a month, time to rethink our price.  Um.  No.  I am not rethinking anything.  The price is staying firm.  Especially since there is now a house just like ours on the market for 1K more & none of the updates we have done. Like, the tile, hardwood, new appliances & a brand new HVAC system.  So no.  We are NOT lowering our price.  Apparently, I am not a motivated seller. 

I've done my research - there are four properties {including ours} in the price range & square-footage in our town.   We are not overpriced.   Finding it hard to continue to stay positive.  - Something funny that has come out of the feedback.  I am loving letting my neighbors in on the feedback, ha, how do they like living in our awful community?  Maybe the HOA president next door could enforce some the rules... 

It might all come down to us renting our house outI. do. NOT. want. to. rent. my. house. out. 

We had our last game for the Select Season -  but, spring baseball is just getting started!  - Hopefully the rain can clear for some our games this week.   Here is Cody catching. He loves it.

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