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Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend RePlay {Mothers Day} & Our Eleventh Showing...

First weekend in awhile with no baseball & no plans. Didn't know what to do with myself. Yeah. Right. I found lots to do. Got up early Saturday morning cleaned up around the house. Did lots of yard work. Mr. L mowed the lawn & our neighbors lawn.  Took a trip over to Starbucks to enjoy half priced frappes.  Yumm.   Then Mr. L had to go to bed. Early. He had to work in the night so crazy.  Three weeks on call.  I am so ready for a break. Like a real break.  At a resort.  With the beach.   And a drink.

  Mothers Day - we cleaned big time!!!  Had a showing - so we spent the afternoon out strawberry picking & shoe shopping for me & little Em's.  Later on at night we got feedback for the showing & yay They didn't give negative.  Well - not really.  "They just started there search & they didn't rule it out.  The only thing they didn't like was the dark hardwoods."    --- A little surprised.   I thought dark woods were nice & the in thing.  Ugh.  So we will see.  All I wanted for Mothers Day was to sell the house - I'll take some positive feedback!!! 

I was able to get all the wet bags done from preorders.  They shipped out today!  I love how they turned out.  And we are already getting word from mommas on how great they are!!!  "Got the wetbag late last week and used it over the weekend. GREAT size. I love it. Perfect perfect perfect."  - Caroline 

Time to run out the door and grab my littles!   Heres to a productive week.

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