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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My baby sister is getting married and I need a dress!

Um. Wasn't till this morning that I realized I had to wear something nice for my baby sisters wedding. Hadn't even crossed my mind, its not about me, its about her, we have been discussing her hair, her dress, her shoes. But wait, I have to wear something to this beach wedding. I mean, your baby sister only gets married once - right. err. {We hope!} So I am on the phone with her this morning & she is questioning what I am wearing! Seriously. Um. Hadn't even thought about it. The wedding is on June 30th! Guess I better start thinking about it. Her color scheme is fuchsia & orange. And I won't be wearing white... ovvi. So I am in search of fuchsia. I don't like orange.  Its a beach wedding.  In late June.  In Florida.  This dress has to be cool.  Oh!  And something cute to match my lil' Emma all fancy with me. 

 This dress is pretty fun - not loving the jacket, don't need it anyways. {Summer Beach Wedding.}

Maybe this - I do love a little bit of a sleeve - Even if it is Summer.  
I love that no bra straps will be seen. 
What do you think?  Weigh in down there in the comments & check back to see what I end up picking & of course lots & lots of pictures of my baby sisters big day!


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