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Friday, June 11, 2010

First Fish As An Adult

I have never been a fan of fish, I don't like the smell... BUT, in the spirit of being healthy I thought I would give it one more try.  Guess what add  garlic & butter and I am pretty sure anything most foods can taste great.
So I am pretty sure this is my first time having fish since I was a child and my father cooked us up some trout or bass we had caught in the branch.  Either I can enjoy fish now, or haddock covered in garlic and butter is just that much better then trout. (Personally I am thinking the later!)
Good thing I was digging the fish... because we have freezer full of talipia & salmon!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Well, it's about TIME!!!!
"Fish is so delish".... you know me, i could eat fish everyday of the week!!!
So, why do you have salmon and tilapia in the frzer if you don't normally eat it???
I like to marinate my salmon in teriyaki sauce {not bottled, my homemade recipe, from Yoshi's, want it??}And then cook it on the grill!!!
Tilapia i usually do in the oven, with butter, and breaded sometimes... I've been craving the seafood soup that Steph made last year... I got all the fixin's in my frzr, just haven't done it yet...
Oh, btw: I think that haddock, no taste! That's prob'ly why you liked it!!! Trout definitely is "fishy", but oooh,so good!!!!


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