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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend RePlay

This weekend was completely filled with lots of nothingness.  And I am pretty sure it made it seem longer... funny how that works isn't it.  Father's Day weekend usually entails us packing up the car with the stroller the kiddies and water bottles for a day out to the zoo.  Luckily we just went a few months ago, so we didn't have that urge to go. It was after all 96 degrees out there and this would make for an awful zoo day.
Saturday started our weekend off with finishing up some movies that we had to get back to RedBox & then a trip out to return them.  We took Mr. L out to lunch for Fathers Day on Saturday (because we are cheap like that!) to avoid the rush.  We ate at Hibachi Grill & Buffet.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  The rest of the day was just spent at home watching movies & probably catching up on the dvr.

Sunday. (HAPPY FATHERS DAY!) I got up and came downstairs to have the kids help me make pancakes I even decided not to be super lazy and got out the big griddle that is stored on top of the fridge, behind six things of nutrition powder substances, with the turkey platter on top of it and for some reason an extension cord.  We had pancakes with real syrup (of course) with fruit and whipped cream on top.  Then we gave Daddy his homemade cards & travel cup.  You know the glass ones that look like they are paper.  They are so cute.
While I cleaned up breakfast mess. (UGH!) Mr. L & Cody played a little baseball and Jack & Princess Emma did a little croquet.  We did our typical Sunday thing, went to the library got books & stopped off at LowesFoods to pick up all the fixings for Daddy's Dad's (Gra-Pa's) famous chocolate milk shake. Which I might add Mr. L made BEFORE dinner.  What was he thinking?
Heres some pictures of our weekend... spent mainly at home...

Oh. And I spotted some tasty looking peas. :) Look at my cucumber... can't wait till they are ready to pick & eat.


Tara said...

I'm stopping in from the BlogFrog because your cute house and description of where you lived caught my eye. We are sorta neighbors so I thought I would say hello! We used to live in Wendell but moved to Clayton in 2007. Such a small world!!

Beverly said...

Oh wow... I love the parts of Clayton I have seen. :) We shop at the "new" superwalmart there from time to time.


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