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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Smoothie

This is such a simple and tasty treat for these hot summer days.  My kiddies just love it, and love helping make it too!  Here's all ya got to do...

Soy Milk Vanilla Flavored (maybe 2 cups)
Frozen Strawberries (about 10)
Heavy Cream
Sugar (just a dash!)

Pour the vanilla soy milk & frozen strawberries into the blender. Blend. Stir. Blend again.  Repeat until no hard chunks are left.
Pour a bit of heavy cream into the mixer with your dash of sugar and mix until it is WHIPPED CREAM!
YUM!  Use this to top your smoothie.  (Also this makes it a little sweeter!)  I like to mix mine all up and drink with a straw.  This is better just as good as Starbucks Strawberry Frappe & it has got to be healthier!


Anonymous said...

That is so yummy!!

Beverly said...

It is super good... hope you try it!:) Easy too right?


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