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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Friday was an exciting day, Princess Emma, Jack and I packed lunches & went to big brother Cody's school for lunch.  What was more exciting was that Nana was in town with her husband Art.  So we all got a chance to go see how lunch time at school goes.  Let me tell you this, it is loud deafening! I had no idea that eating was so noisy.  Here at home when I set food in front of my kiddies it is silence, just the sound of chewing.  Not here. It was craziness & everyone in Cody's class was suddenly his best friend and wanted to sit at the "visitor table" too.  Three kids, Camden, Joshua & Davey sat with us... and it was ... interesting.

Going to lunch at school I thought would be a great opprutonity for Jack to maybe ease into it all... being that school starts really soon for him.  After seeing how he did at lunch I am a bit worried for him.  He is a boy set in his ways, first off he opened his yogurt... couldn't continue eating because he didn't know where the garbage was to throw the wrapper away.  I explained to him he could just set it on the table until all his food was eaten.  He didn't much care for the idea... but went with it.  Then I brought along a lunchable which he has never had, and I thought this would be good a time as any to see if he likes them before send him to school with one one day and finding out he hates them and ate nothing. Right.  Well he couldn't open it, then I asked Cody to do it, he couldn't either went on to say a teacher has to open them for him.  So I guess the kids just sit there and wait for the one teacher who is in the cafeteria to happen to walk by. I don't know.  My kids are super quiet/shy so I wouldn't be surprised if Jack has a day he just doesn't get to eat because he can't open it. I will have to keep this all in mind when packing lunches. Easy open containers ONLY!

After our crazy lunch.  Which at least the kiddies enjoyed and we made it out with out becoming deaf or with a massive headache, we went to the hotel Nana was staying at to go SWIMMING!  And later after getting Cody from the bus stop we went swimming some more & had pizza too. What a fun friday night.

Saturday after shopping at walmart we went to spend the day with Nana at her hotel.  We spent the entire day out by the pool. Snacking on pretzels, cookies, popcorn & marshmallows.  Super healthy right, a kids dream day!  Cody learned that swimming underwater was easier then above, Jack dared to walk in the 3 foot deep section and got off the steps, while Emma was swimming the length of the pool out to the 6 ft deep to get the balls for the "scared-ey cat" brothers!

Underwater Cody.

Jack hanging out with his Nana. He really wanted to go back into the hotel room to check on his stuffed froggie... but we assured him he was okay in the room resting on the couch. 

We even "painted" the marshmallows & popcorn. We used milk with food coloring and painted them into some yummy & fun snacks.  All the kiddies enjoyed this. If you try this, make sure you let your little ones know its not real paint, but "milk paint" that is okay to eat!

Me & My Mom after the day out at the pool. Cody & Emma's photography isn't the greatest yet, but they are getting there!

Sunday morning we went out to do our Costco shopping to make sure there is enough cereal in flat breads in the house for the week. After that we stopped off at the library of course and then Petco to pick up some treats for Fenway.  We even got him some "bones" to chew on ... maybe he can chew them instead of the kids toys... or maybe not?  Here's the pug looking super proud with his new "bone."


 I cooked some good for you flat bread pizzas with some homemade balsamic dressing, cheeses & peppers. It was surprisingly yummy and I served it up with some salad.  I also enjoyed a cup of coffee after dinner.  Coffee after dinner with a k-cup that I didn't have to prepare equals real goodness.  After dinner and getting the kids settled into watch tv in pajamas Mr. L and I went outside to water the garden and see how it was doing.  Since I had neglected it for two days! I cannot believe how big "Cody's Cucumber" got in just one week.  Remember it last week?  Well this week its pickable & I even found a few more hidden down in there that will be ready soon!  Homemade pickles? More peas & a yellow squash will be ready soon too.  Can't believe how the butternut squash is just taking over, its moving right into my yard. Should have an extra or two to share with the neighbors.  That about wraps up my weekend. I hope y'all had a great one.
PS. This weekend I started my first giveaway, which you can find out the info for here and you can enter by "liking" my facebook page for ButterBeans&ChicPeas by BLauzonSews.  Who doesn't love free stuff?

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