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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First GiveAway

Simply excited to announce that I am having my very first GIVEAWAY.  And who doesn't love a giveaway.  
First off I want to thank all who are already a fan on my facebook page, my blog, following me on twitter and especially those who have made a purchase in Etsy Shop.  (You really keep me going!) I really love crafting up these insanely cute booties, ballet flats & mary janes... and have recently come to find that making them customized just for you is so much more fun.  

What You Get:
So, lets get to the giveaway, here's what I have to offer a free pair of your choice of the "Country Cute", "Fuchsia Floral", "Shades of Blue", or "Perfectly Pink" in any size, 0-18 Months.  Since I love customizing them so much, you can choose from the mary jane straps, ballet ties, elastic loop, or the simple ribbon ties.  (Lots of decisions!)

Here's How To Enter:

It's so simple, just one click. Simply "like" my  facebook page for ButterBeans&ChicPeas by BLauzonSews you will be automatically entered into my giveaway.  When I reach 50 fans (I am a shooting too low?) on my facebook fan page I will do a random drawing of all 50 and announce the winner here on my blog & also on my FaceBook page. 

Please feel free to share this GiveAway with friends on FaceBook or via your blogging. :)

In advance I thank you for participating in my first giveaway & good luck to all. Now go... click that button.


Little Lizard King said...

Congratulations on your first giveaway!!! The shoes are too cute! I wish they fit me.

Anthy said...

I wish I could enter your giveaway, but I don't have a facebook account. :-(

Beverly said...

Thank you llking. :) I am super excited about it, seem to be stuck at 29 fans...
Anthy, feel free to sign up for facebook or follow my blog, eventually I will do another giveaway on my blog instead of fb. :) Thanks.

Free Gal said...

These are really cute! I am very interested in how your giveaway turns out. I, too, am interested in figuring out my first giveaway. I don't think you are shooting too low for fans. My goal was to get 20 by the end of June and I had just started my blog a few days before. I think if you set it lower, you won't be disappointed if it doesn't quite get there. I am about to create a post about my goal for July=just 30 more fans to total 50. I think I can get more, but I don't want to push it. If I get more, I will be thrilled! I may give away coupons for my first giveaway. I will follow you, too!

Beverly said...

Exactly what I was thinking.. free gal. Thanks for the input and I will keep you update on how it goes. So far 33 fans! :) Only 17 to go!

sweetwyo said...

Oh CUTE Shoes!

Beverly said...

Thank you sweetwyo!


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