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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How To Start A Day Off Right:

Here are some sure fire ways to start the day & hopefully continue on to have a great day...
  • Not being woke up at 3 am to find your husband missing in bed, because he is up on the lap top after being paged for work. Ugh. (The life of being on call.)
  • Being woke up by a little princess that loves to give out hugs and kisses for you to wake up.
  • Waking up to a sun filled room.
  • Coming downstairs to find that your "grown-up" kids managed to feed themselves cereal without spilling a single drop of milk on the freshly washed table cloth.
  • Going to brew the coffee and noticing that not only did the coffee maker come on but you remembered the night before to get the filter cleaned and filled with coffee.
  • Enjoy cup of coffee.
  • Going to the washer and seeing it too did its job... (love my self starting appliances! Set timer and forget!) 
  • Seeing the green light on my dishwasher clean & sanitized and a dish free sink. :)
  • Weather man says a Sunny 88* day!
 Feel free to add to my list in comment. :)  These are things that make me have a good day... (or atleast a good morning... ) I would love to know what makes you have a great day too.

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