Growing Together

I am a Mommy To Three Little Ones. Through Them I Grow Daily. I Strive To Be The Best Wife & Mommy For Our Family Of 5 & A Pug.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Day Of Kindergarten

Let me start of by saying how thankful I am to have such a great school with awesome teachers, staff and volunteers supporting the education of my Cody.  I cannot wait for Jack to get started too, I have seen such improvements in Cody & can't wait to see Jack become a reader too.   
This was really a great first year, and such a positive experience.  (Only one bus time issue, to do with Cody not wearing a "super hero" shirt. You know I don't like characters on clothing, only PJ's if we must!)  This was so minor and I talked to Cody about it and it wasn't something he really felt "upset" about.  And luckily it didn't happen again!  
Cody learned the phonetic alphabet, to read, lots of sight words (still working on some!), simple math, made snow, created a tornado right on his desk, learned how to "swim", he is after all an Otter. Lost two teeth, grew an inch or two, gained about a pound, and faced his fear of getting up on stage to play the xylophone.  We are so proud of everything Cody has done this year. 
Cody loves his teacher, Mrs. Mitchell.  This morning on our last day of kindergarten he came into my bedroom & I said "Today is the last day of Kindergarten Cody." ... To which he replied in a cracked voice... "I know but, I am gonna miss Mrs. Mitchell."  (So sad.)  I told him I am sure he will still see her around school from time to time.  He agreed and got into a happy mood.  We got breakfast & packed up his bag with lunch & his gifts he made for Mrs. Mitchell & his assistant teacher Mrs. Figueroa (which he will still have next year, she is shared with kindergarten & 1st grade.)  Cody is so excited about giving his teachers the gifts.  We made fabric flowers & attached them to straws, matching cards with the words "Thanks for helping me grow" in Cody's hand writing with a couple of seed packets too.  Then at last minute Cody decided to give them each a cucumber too, which he grew in our garden.  Cody's Cucumbers.  I just know they will love the gifts, Mrs. Mitchell just is always praising Cody & us with what a great little person he is.  So thoughtful & well behaved. (She didn't meet "Crazy Cody".)

Today is our last day of Kindergarten.  Next week we start the First Grade. And Jack starts Kindergarten.  Emma still won't stop asking when she gets to go too?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Announcing The Winner

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated by liking my ButterBeans&ChicPeas page & those of you who are my friends and already had.   I am grateful for my friends who helped spread the word to friends & family.  And, I must say that I really appreciate all of my customers and have true joy from creating so many insanely cute items. (Did I mention I love custom orders?)

For those of you who were wondering about how it went, it went great.  I got my 50  51 in a mere day and a half & I am pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten that many likes and views to my ButterBeans&ChicPeas Etsy Shop so fast, had it not been for this GiveAway.  (Now if only it can bring more sales.)

Okay... Okay... What You Are All Waiting For.

And the winner is.... drum roll please....  Kristine (MomofMany), who blogs Raising A Quiver Full.   

Congratulations. Can't wait to hear what style & color your pick for your free booties.  

Again thank you all.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend RePlay

Friday was an exciting day, Princess Emma, Jack and I packed lunches & went to big brother Cody's school for lunch.  What was more exciting was that Nana was in town with her husband Art.  So we all got a chance to go see how lunch time at school goes.  Let me tell you this, it is loud deafening! I had no idea that eating was so noisy.  Here at home when I set food in front of my kiddies it is silence, just the sound of chewing.  Not here. It was craziness & everyone in Cody's class was suddenly his best friend and wanted to sit at the "visitor table" too.  Three kids, Camden, Joshua & Davey sat with us... and it was ... interesting.

Going to lunch at school I thought would be a great opprutonity for Jack to maybe ease into it all... being that school starts really soon for him.  After seeing how he did at lunch I am a bit worried for him.  He is a boy set in his ways, first off he opened his yogurt... couldn't continue eating because he didn't know where the garbage was to throw the wrapper away.  I explained to him he could just set it on the table until all his food was eaten.  He didn't much care for the idea... but went with it.  Then I brought along a lunchable which he has never had, and I thought this would be good a time as any to see if he likes them before send him to school with one one day and finding out he hates them and ate nothing. Right.  Well he couldn't open it, then I asked Cody to do it, he couldn't either went on to say a teacher has to open them for him.  So I guess the kids just sit there and wait for the one teacher who is in the cafeteria to happen to walk by. I don't know.  My kids are super quiet/shy so I wouldn't be surprised if Jack has a day he just doesn't get to eat because he can't open it. I will have to keep this all in mind when packing lunches. Easy open containers ONLY!

After our crazy lunch.  Which at least the kiddies enjoyed and we made it out with out becoming deaf or with a massive headache, we went to the hotel Nana was staying at to go SWIMMING!  And later after getting Cody from the bus stop we went swimming some more & had pizza too. What a fun friday night.

Saturday after shopping at walmart we went to spend the day with Nana at her hotel.  We spent the entire day out by the pool. Snacking on pretzels, cookies, popcorn & marshmallows.  Super healthy right, a kids dream day!  Cody learned that swimming underwater was easier then above, Jack dared to walk in the 3 foot deep section and got off the steps, while Emma was swimming the length of the pool out to the 6 ft deep to get the balls for the "scared-ey cat" brothers!

Underwater Cody.

Jack hanging out with his Nana. He really wanted to go back into the hotel room to check on his stuffed froggie... but we assured him he was okay in the room resting on the couch. 

We even "painted" the marshmallows & popcorn. We used milk with food coloring and painted them into some yummy & fun snacks.  All the kiddies enjoyed this. If you try this, make sure you let your little ones know its not real paint, but "milk paint" that is okay to eat!

Me & My Mom after the day out at the pool. Cody & Emma's photography isn't the greatest yet, but they are getting there!

Sunday morning we went out to do our Costco shopping to make sure there is enough cereal in flat breads in the house for the week. After that we stopped off at the library of course and then Petco to pick up some treats for Fenway.  We even got him some "bones" to chew on ... maybe he can chew them instead of the kids toys... or maybe not?  Here's the pug looking super proud with his new "bone."


 I cooked some good for you flat bread pizzas with some homemade balsamic dressing, cheeses & peppers. It was surprisingly yummy and I served it up with some salad.  I also enjoyed a cup of coffee after dinner.  Coffee after dinner with a k-cup that I didn't have to prepare equals real goodness.  After dinner and getting the kids settled into watch tv in pajamas Mr. L and I went outside to water the garden and see how it was doing.  Since I had neglected it for two days! I cannot believe how big "Cody's Cucumber" got in just one week.  Remember it last week?  Well this week its pickable & I even found a few more hidden down in there that will be ready soon!  Homemade pickles? More peas & a yellow squash will be ready soon too.  Can't believe how the butternut squash is just taking over, its moving right into my yard. Should have an extra or two to share with the neighbors.  That about wraps up my weekend. I hope y'all had a great one.
PS. This weekend I started my first giveaway, which you can find out the info for here and you can enter by "liking" my facebook page for ButterBeans&ChicPeas by BLauzonSews.  Who doesn't love free stuff?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First GiveAway

Simply excited to announce that I am having my very first GIVEAWAY.  And who doesn't love a giveaway.  
First off I want to thank all who are already a fan on my facebook page, my blog, following me on twitter and especially those who have made a purchase in Etsy Shop.  (You really keep me going!) I really love crafting up these insanely cute booties, ballet flats & mary janes... and have recently come to find that making them customized just for you is so much more fun.  

What You Get:
So, lets get to the giveaway, here's what I have to offer a free pair of your choice of the "Country Cute", "Fuchsia Floral", "Shades of Blue", or "Perfectly Pink" in any size, 0-18 Months.  Since I love customizing them so much, you can choose from the mary jane straps, ballet ties, elastic loop, or the simple ribbon ties.  (Lots of decisions!)

Here's How To Enter:

It's so simple, just one click. Simply "like" my  facebook page for ButterBeans&ChicPeas by BLauzonSews you will be automatically entered into my giveaway.  When I reach 50 fans (I am a shooting too low?) on my facebook fan page I will do a random drawing of all 50 and announce the winner here on my blog & also on my FaceBook page. 

Please feel free to share this GiveAway with friends on FaceBook or via your blogging. :)

In advance I thank you for participating in my first giveaway & good luck to all. Now go... click that button.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's In Your Fridge?

This is how my fridge looks in the summer time.  Filled with lots of fruits and veggies. :) Whole grain bread of course & some whitewheat for my ever so picky kiddies.  G2 & Diet Green Teas for Mr. L. (I don't drink these... they give me headaches... ugh!) Lots of yogurts & soy milk too.  See my lemons down in the bottom drawer?  I cannot live without lemons... I put them in my tea, in my water... make lemonade. :) I heart Lemons.  Items you cannot see down in that bottom drawer are fresh beans, cucumbers, strawberries, grapes sweet potatoes & potatoes.  I have some fresh picked peas in that super cute green colander.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Smoothie

This is such a simple and tasty treat for these hot summer days.  My kiddies just love it, and love helping make it too!  Here's all ya got to do...

Soy Milk Vanilla Flavored (maybe 2 cups)
Frozen Strawberries (about 10)
Heavy Cream
Sugar (just a dash!)

Pour the vanilla soy milk & frozen strawberries into the blender. Blend. Stir. Blend again.  Repeat until no hard chunks are left.
Pour a bit of heavy cream into the mixer with your dash of sugar and mix until it is WHIPPED CREAM!
YUM!  Use this to top your smoothie.  (Also this makes it a little sweeter!)  I like to mix mine all up and drink with a straw.  This is better just as good as Starbucks Strawberry Frappe & it has got to be healthier!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend RePlay

This weekend was completely filled with lots of nothingness.  And I am pretty sure it made it seem longer... funny how that works isn't it.  Father's Day weekend usually entails us packing up the car with the stroller the kiddies and water bottles for a day out to the zoo.  Luckily we just went a few months ago, so we didn't have that urge to go. It was after all 96 degrees out there and this would make for an awful zoo day.
Saturday started our weekend off with finishing up some movies that we had to get back to RedBox & then a trip out to return them.  We took Mr. L out to lunch for Fathers Day on Saturday (because we are cheap like that!) to avoid the rush.  We ate at Hibachi Grill & Buffet.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  The rest of the day was just spent at home watching movies & probably catching up on the dvr.

Sunday. (HAPPY FATHERS DAY!) I got up and came downstairs to have the kids help me make pancakes I even decided not to be super lazy and got out the big griddle that is stored on top of the fridge, behind six things of nutrition powder substances, with the turkey platter on top of it and for some reason an extension cord.  We had pancakes with real syrup (of course) with fruit and whipped cream on top.  Then we gave Daddy his homemade cards & travel cup.  You know the glass ones that look like they are paper.  They are so cute.
While I cleaned up breakfast mess. (UGH!) Mr. L & Cody played a little baseball and Jack & Princess Emma did a little croquet.  We did our typical Sunday thing, went to the library got books & stopped off at LowesFoods to pick up all the fixings for Daddy's Dad's (Gra-Pa's) famous chocolate milk shake. Which I might add Mr. L made BEFORE dinner.  What was he thinking?
Heres some pictures of our weekend... spent mainly at home...

Oh. And I spotted some tasty looking peas. :) Look at my cucumber... can't wait till they are ready to pick & eat.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Princess Ballerina

Look at her, she is in her bathing suit, has her hair all done up in buns, tutu from Nana & a crown to top it off.


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